AstroPay is the first company to offer a fully customizable payment option

AstroPay has released a configurable application programming interface (API) to make payment processing easier for suppliers.

In the context of payments, an API is a software tool that allows two apps to communicate with one another, making it easier for ecommerce organisations to manage transactions.

AstroPay’s configurable API, according to the company, “adapts to the merchant’s requirements for security and velocity” so that “their customers can choose from a number of local payment options.”

API integration also offers “residual” benefits, according to the tech business, which claims that their API is simple to use regardless of whether or not a user has an AstroPay account.

“Merchants want to provide the greatest possible experience for their customers, including the capacity to process withdrawals quickly,” said AstroPay CEO Mikael Lijtenstein.

“Our withdrawal solution eliminates any friction while maintaining a positive user experience. The API is built to adapt to any workflow and security checks that the merchant must go through – it’s highly adaptable, dependable, and simple to use.”

AstroPay’s API may now be integrated in two ways. The merchant may wish to accomplish a closed loop, in which the funds are sent to the same person who made the deposit.

Alternatively, the merchant may choose to provide all users a cash out option, in which case the money will be sent from the merchant to their digital wallets.

AstroPay is a web-based payment service that accepts over 200 different payment methods, including Google Pay, Visa, and Mastercard. It was created in 2009 and has a lengthy history of working with a variety of organisations. AstroPay recently strengthened its relationship with Burnley FC.

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