AviaGames is bringing its mobile games to the United Kingdom

The firm has a substantial presence in the United States.

AviaGames, a well-known name in the mobile and competitive gaming industries in the United States, is preparing to debut its two flagship products, Solitaire Clash and Bingo Tour, in the United Kingdom.

AviaGames boasts over 10 million members in the United States, has hosted one billion events since its start, and has paid out over $714 million in cash.

“With our casual skill-based titles, we’re happy to deliver mobile gamers in the UK a new type of enjoyment,” said Vickie Chen, CEO and Founder of AviaGames.

“We at AviaGames are well aware of the explosive growth of mobile gaming around the world. This addition demonstrates our dedication to creating social competitive mobile games that are simple to play and engage in social competitions for pleasure for gamers of all skill levels.”

Prior to the launch in the United Kingdom, the company worked to improve the graphics and interaction settings for both games to better the social gaming experience for its customers.

Both games have been quite successful in the United States, with Solitaire Clash offering both a free and a pay-to-play option. Meanwhile, Bingo Tour is a spin-off of regular bingo games that allows players to compete against opponents of similar skill levels for cash prizes. Bingo Tour players can also utilise their earnings to enter free multiplayer tournaments.

Vickie Chen and Ping Wang created AviaGames in 2017. The company specialises on mobile skill-based games and also publishes games under the Pocket7Games label. Over 15 games are available to users, all of which are linked to a single membership and wallet. Bingo Clash, Bingo Tour, Cooking Clash, 21 Gold, Yatzy Craze, and Match ‘n Flip are some of the company’s games available in the United States.

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