Bluberi Gaming and Quixant have teamed together

Bluberi Gaming and Quixant have teamed together

According to both companies, the partnership has so far been mutually beneficial.

Quixant and Bluberi Gaming have formed a collaboration, which the latter believes will enable it to respond to competitive demand effectively year round.

“Bluberi is ecstatic to be working with Quixant. “We’ve been making games in this sector for over twenty-five years, but in 2021, we faced unique hurdles, as did many other companies,” stated Andrew Burke, CEO of Bluberi.

Burke believes that working with Quixant is critical in navigating the worldwide pandemic’s lingering repercussions.

“We’ve been looking for a strategic partner to help us standardize our products, properly manage our supply chain, and provide commercial flexibility so we can focus on our growth strategy,” he said.

“Quixant is the ideal partner for Bluberi since they can provide us with quick access to the components we need to manufacture our slot machines without requiring us to make large deposits or keep a large inventory.” This allows us to free up capital to invest in game design while also ensuring that crucial technology is available so that we can get our games to market as rapidly as possible.”

Burke also linked Bluberi’s sustained success to its relationship with Quixant.

“The continued support and relationship management given by Quixant’s team of gaming experts has been a game changer for us, with ongoing support and relationship management to assure the success of our game development and delivery.”

Quixant’s Duncan Faithfull, EVP, Gaming Business Leader and CCO, agreed that the relationship was advantageous.

“Quixant are thrilled to have been chosen as Bluberi’s strategic partner, adding such a long standing and innovative Gaming company to our customer base” said Duncan.

“The last two years for Quixant have been about preparing for the future in order to provide the gaming industry with innovative solutions that deliver exceptional gaming experiences. Throughout the pandemic, Quixant listened to its customers and the needs of the market and are delighted to be able to offer our customers the innovative product, supply chain and commercial solutions that enable them to protect their business in the current climate and prepare for future growth.” 

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