Changing demographics: In 2022, there will be more women playing poker than ever before.

Women in Poker

According to 888poker, the number of female poker players has increased by 22% in the last year.

Women are playing poker in greater numbers than ever before, according to 888poker, a subsidiary of 888 Holdings.

Indeed, as we approach International Women’s Day, 888poker has produced a number of data that represent the current state of affairs.

The number of women playing poker increased by 22% in 2021. This rise is the result of a five-year period of consistent growth, which has witnessed a 23 percent increase in female poker players over that time.

According to statistics, women play poker in a style that is similar to that of their male counterparts.

Women primarily play poker in a social setting, with this being the most popular method. Then there are organized cash games, followed by online cash games. Women have become more interested in live buy-in tournaments and free mobile games in recent years.

Female poker players began playing for fun 58 percent of the time, and another 37 percent thought it was a simple game to learn. Meanwhile, 33% of women said poker was an excellent way to make money.

While men still make up the majority of competitive poker players, 31% of female players have never participated in a tournament. However, the tide is unquestionably turning, and poker is becoming a more egalitarian game where all players are welcome.

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