Companies in the gaming industry are addressing the humanitarian problem in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Flag

Industry participants have incorporated charitable donations and revenue limits into Russia.

As a result of the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe, gaming companies are rethinking how they spend their money and where their charity donations go.

Russia launched an aggressive war on Ukraine, its smaller, democratic neighbor to the south, last week. There is still no end in sight for the battle, as the news becomes more bad by the day.

The world community has shown its support for the people of Ukraine and their administration.

Our industry’s players are featured among the ranks.

The Entain Foundation, the sports betting and gaming company’s charitable arm, has donated £50,000 ($68,000) in humanitarian help, which will “be utilized for life-saving medical equipment to treat the region’s growing number of injured and wounded.”

In a similar spirit, Relax Gaming is revisiting its budget in order to set aside funds for Save The Children International, while Yggdrasil Gaming is donating to Polska Akcja Humanitarna, a non-profit that helps refugees on both sides of the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Those who want to divest from the aggressors, limiting revenue streams, are on the other end of the spectrum. These moves reflect a concerted effort by Western governments and corporations to stymie Russia’s and Belarus’ economies.

In this spirit – or, as it phrased it, “in line with European sanctions” – Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) is working hard to keep money out of the hands of those who are responsible.

GIG also contributes to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that aid refugees and other victims of displacement.With the situation in Ukraine fast changing – and more gaming businesses revealing new responses to the war on an hourly basis – the last word on the industry’s response is far from written.

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