Entain Continues to Work Towards Closing the Pay Gap

Entain Promises to Close the Pay Gap

Entain has returned to the task of repairing the industry for the benefit of all. This time, the entertainment behemoth is going for fair pay and the infamous wage gap that has plagued nations all over the world. Entain says, “No more.” The company has issued an update on how far it has progressed in terms of diversity and inclusion policy, and one of the primary challenges to address is the wage gap.

According to “The Gender Pay Discrepancy” report for 2021, the median hourly wage gap between male and female employees was 5.3 percent, down from 7.1 percent the previous year. The mean pay difference in terms of hourly wages, on the other hand, widened from 15% to 16.2 percent.

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, the CEO of Entain, stated that 54 percent of the staff in retail stores are already female, and reaffirmed the figures.

“At Entain our vision is to create a ‘best place to work’ where our colleagues feel valued, respected, and engaged, and to ensure that this is reflected in the way they are rewarded.”

Entain CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen

Women made up 39.1 percent of upper-level management, and 52.3 percent of the workforce was made up of women. Over the last year, these measures have changed fairly little. Bonuses have also increased dramatically, with 69 percent of male employees receiving one vs 62.8 percent of female employees receiving one. In comparison to 2020, these figures increased from 40.9 percent and 40%, respectively.

Entain has also launched various campaigns to help women and girls gain access to technology and innovation. “Women@Entain,” for example, is an internal project where female employees can share their learning experiences.

Several Beneficial Organizational Structures

As part of the company’s structure, there are listening groups that aim to assist female employees with a variety of challenges at work and beyond. These initiatives were also praised by Nygaard-Andersen:

“While we are encouraged by this, we take nothing for granted and have put in place programs and policies such as EnTrain and Women@Entain which will help us continue on this journey.”

Entain CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen

This special approach to diversity and inclusion, according to the CEO, also translates into a better game business and transforming verticals.

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