FoggyStar, a cryptocurrency casino, has raised $5 million in new funding.


The Evolution of iGaming Is Crypto casino

A new crypto casino startup has acquired significant funding from Canadian and Japanese investors to help it establish its brand and fund the development of its own coin that will help it create novel iGaming products.

FoggyStar, a crypto casino project based in Cyprus that started at the start of the year, revealed today that it has received $5 million in new funding from Canadian and Japanese investors to support the company’s crypto casino objectives as well as fund the development of its own coin.

Since its introduction, FoggyStar has gained the attention of some of the industry’s top game developers, including NetEnt, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, and others, who have already provided a vast library of crypto games to the crypto casino’s alpha product version. With a carefully designed incentive scheme, the casino hopes to entice the crypto community.

FoggyStar’s team is adamant that they “strive to produce not simply a product, but to follow industry trends,” with the brand’s target audience’s interests taking centre stage and the “security and transparency of the infrastructure” being stressed.

The FoggyStar team stated, “Our team intends to improve the project utilising novel technology and methodologies that will lead to an entirely new game experience.”

Using blockchain technology as its foundation, the crypto casino aims to develop new features for casinos while ensuring that all future product components are as open as feasible and easy to integrate.

With the use of blockchain and the transparency it provides to the entire gameplay and algorithms by showing all player and casino actions in a public ledger, the firm expects to greatly grow the audience and enhance user engagement and confidence in the online casino gaming industry.

Casino Presence and Metaverse Impact

FoggyStar’s lofty aims include becoming one of the first companies to launch an iGaming casino in the metaverse, with the metaverse expected to become “a human co-experience utility” with a wide range of applications ranging from leisure and entertainment to education.

The FoggyStar crypto casino project is expected to revolutionise the way online casinos operate in the future, spurring additional technological advancements, streamlining operations, and improving user involvement.

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