GambleAware Expands the Reach of Its Gambling Education Program, Investing $3.3 Million

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Increasing the Impact of Gambling Awareness Programs

GambleAware is doing the right thing once again. Scotland was a huge success. The Gambling Education Hub aimed to prevent gambling harm and raise awareness through its gambling education program. GambleAware said today that, as a result of the pilot program’s success, it will continue to invest in gambling education. In fact, the gambling awareness organization has announced a £2.5 million ($3.3 million) investment to assist extend the Gambling Education Club across England and Wales. GambleAware’s commitment to eliminating gambling harm and promoting awareness about the dangers of gambling among young people is reaffirmed.

The $3.3 million prize was awarded following a competitive tender process. As a result, GamCare, the premier UK provider of gambling-related information, support, and guidance, will work with YGAM, Aquarius Beacon, ARA, Breakeven, and Neca to launch the gambling education program in England. Adferiad Recovery, on the other hand, will be in charge of gambling education in Wales.

The Gambling Education Program is now available in England and Wales.

An impartial evaluation led to the expansion of GambleAware’s program to England and Wales. IFF Research assessed the Gambling Education Hub’s progress in Scotland and validated its success. The pilot program, according to the independent assessor, increased both awareness and knowledge of the dangers of adolescent gaming. Gambling education has also risen in popularity. Furthermore, according to IFF Research, the program “reach over 15,800 young people, leading in greater awareness of the repercussions of gambling and confidence in seeking help.”

GambleAware cited the findings of a 2020 study on the influence of gambling advertisements on children in the United Kingdom. According to the report, 94 percent of children aged 11 to 17 have been exposed to gambling advertisements. The children have watched an average of six such advertisements. Given the excellent impact of the Gambling Education Hub, this is likely to change shortly.

Only 35% of practitioners from the Scottish Gambling Educational Hub were able to detect indicators of gambling harm before the educational training, according to GambleAware. Following the training, that number jumped to 92 percent. Furthermore, eight out of ten young adults who took part in the Scottish Hub said they are more aware of the dangers of gambling. According to GambleAware, another 84 percent stated they know who to ask for help if they need it.

The Hub is expected to make a significant difference.

The implementation of the gambling education program, according to Zo Osmond, CEO of GambleAware, comes at the opportune time, given that many young people are now exposed to gaming. She stated that GambleAware hopes to see the same beneficial short-term outcome in England and Wales as it did in Scotland. The allocation of the funding to the two organizations, according to Osmond, is a “fantastic moment.”

At a time when young people are increasingly exposed to gambling, the delivery of local-focused programs for gambling education and prevention of harms has never been more important.

Zoë Osmond, CEO at GambleAware

She reaffirmed GambleAware’s commitment to “working with local groups and stakeholders to fund and implement targeted, best-practice prevention programs.” Young people in the UK are constantly being assaulted with gambling advertising and promotion, according to Osmond. However, she believes that the new teaching program will make a significant difference in protecting children and young people from gambling harm.

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