GamCare’s Women’s Program has increased women’s awareness of problem gambling.


Working adults’ understanding of gambling-related damage and potential negative effects of gambling has improved significantly in the United Kingdom, according to GamCare. According to the group, 85 percent of women who attended its Women’s Program seminars were able to better appreciate the detrimental implications.

GamCare is pleased to report that its training has yielded positive results.

The program’s goal is to improve career professionals’ understanding of how to help female employees at work who are experiencing distress or gambling-related harm. GamCare is able to create awareness about the issue and ensure that employees are actively striving to help their coworkers by training staff.

The charity’s development was tracked in a report produced in partnership with inFocus Consulting. GamCare has successfully reached out to 918 groups in the United Kingdom, providing training to help them better grasp the dangers of gambling.

The program’s second year has proven to be significantly more successful. The 85 percent of professionals who understood the concept was a substantial improvement over the 60 percent who did so in the program’s first year. Since last year, GamCare has enhanced its training processes, allowing it to better offer the curriculum and achieve the desired results.

Another 97 percent of professionals said the programme gave them a greater understanding of how problem gambling affects their female coworkers. Almost all of these people, 96 percent, said they now knew what to do if they noticed a coworker with a gambling issue and how to help them seek help through dedicated service.GamCare has decided to participate in this new campaign in order to raise awareness of the negative effects that gambling can have on women. Female gamblers have financial, mental health, and relationship difficulties as a result of their excessive gaming, according to the group.

As the number of female gamblers rises, so does our understanding of them.

In the 12 months leading up to the research, the overall number of women who used gambling services and products increased by 6%, according to the charity. GamCare CEO Anna Hemmings commented on the initiative and its conclusions, saying:

“We’re encouraged to see improved access for women using GamCare’s treatment and support services, and increased reach in our professional’s training, which delivers an improved understanding of how gambling harm impacts women.”

GamCare chief executive Anna Hemmings

Many women, according to Hemmings, avoid seeking personal treatment because of the stigma associated with it. That is why, in order to decrease stigma and assist women who are suffering potentially harmful situations, people who can spot gambling hazards and suggest action are being trained. “We want to continue to promote awareness of how gaming harms women over the next year, as well as highlight the gambling support resources available to women,” Hemmings said.

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