How to become a gambling affiliate

How to become a gambling affiliate

In 1638, Venice became the first city to build a casino.Since 1996, when the first online casino opened, the business has continued to grow. Today the internet gambling industry is currently worth US$72 billion a year, with an annual growth rate of 12% expected. So you’re dealing with a specialty that’s both evergreen and has a significant amount of money invested in it.

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Affiliate partnerships for casinos are what we call a win-win arrangement. Both casinos and affiliates can gain from spreading the workload of acquiring new consumers. The fundamentals of how it works are really straightforward.

The affiliate sends a link to the casino: the casino gains a new customer, and the affiliate is compensated for bringing them in. So, if you’re looking for the finest real money slots in the UK, the best online casino payouts, the best live dealer baccarat or live dealer blackjack sites, or the greatest real money casino app, an affiliate will do all the legwork for you and direct you to the best operators. The specifics, of course, are a little more difficult. To tap into this market, you’ll need to identify some of the greatest casino affiliate programmes available. The problem is that you won’t find these on affiliate networks; you’ll have to hunt them down on your own. Here’s what we discovered.

What Are Gambling Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work?

Casino affiliate programmes are simple to comprehend at their most basic level. An affiliate agreement, or affiliate referral, is any link that sends traffic to a third-party website in exchange for money. Isn’t it simple?

There’s a lot more to it than that, though. In today’s complex world of iGaming, where many operators and other service providers work through casino affiliate networks, this is especially true. In fact, most iGaming companies acquire a large number of new and returning clients who are driven to them through affiliate agreements with the owners of other websites.The whole system works on the basis of trust while keeping both the operators and the affiliates happy. The affiliates provide a useful service – informing interested customers about the best casinos to play at, presenting them with a carefully-curated list of options that all enjoy the trust of the affiliate recommending them.

Such casino affiliate networks are the primary reason why online casinos are rarely advertised in traditional ways. Affiliate agreements ensure that information is relayed to the target market (for example, casino markets for a specific country, such as Finland casinos, Germany online casino sites, Thailand gambling sites, Canada betting pages, etc.) in a non-intrusive manner that is likely to generate more interest. This is normally accomplished through content that piques the customer’s interest, such as helpful casino reviews, the most recent welcome packages, details on special casino promotions, and so on.

Standard industry clauses and phrases are included in most casino affiliate programmes, and comprehending them helps to provide a clearer picture. The terms “affiliate network” and “affiliate marketing” are some of the most common terms you’ll come across when researching affiliate marketing.

Gambling Affiliate Programs with Negative Carryover

The majority of casino affiliate programmes pay you on a monthly basis based on the number of clicks/leads you generate. The most popular format in iGaming is the number of players who were routed to a specific casino by the referring affiliate.

At the end of the month, the figures are tallied and a payment is made. Consider the following scenario: as an affiliate, you referred a player who happened to hit it big on the slots last month. Because the winnings are represented as losses on your account, the winnings of this player will harm your account with the casino.

The majority of casinos will reduce your profits from the commission you are owed, which is known as a Negative Carryover. Now assume that you are owed $1000 in commission at the end of the month. One of the gamers you sent to the casino won $2,000 as a result of your efforts. When you use Negative Carryover, your casino account becomes -$1,000, which means you won’t be paid anything until the amount falls back to zero.

So, in theory, if an affiliate is unlucky enough to be ‘responsible’ for a massive victory, it might be a long time before it starts collecting money from that casino again, even if it is still bringing customers to the website. Some casino websites waive Negative Carryover and reset an affiliate’s balance to zero once a month — these are, of course, the most lucrative partnerships.

We’re all aware with the concept of computer cookies today, thanks to the new GDPR amendments, and the fact that they have nothing to do with the finer cookies we eat. What role do cookies play in a casino affiliate programme?

The solution is simple: a casino keeps track of which customers came from which site by storing a cookie on the client’s computer that tracks the referral.

Cookies, unfortunately, do not have an infinite lifespan. Most have a 30-day expiry period, which means that if you suggest a player to an affiliate website and they make their initial deposit within that time frame, you will be paid a commission for the referral.

What happens if the deposit is not received within 30 days? Is this to say you won’t make any money? If this were to be the case, the situation would be extremely unjust. The Affiliate Manager can set the cookie lifespan to a custom value. Although there is no such thing as an infinite lifespan, the cookie can be set to an incredibly high value to prevent it from expiring. The most commonly mentioned number is 30,000, which is pretty close to a century and should keep you in good financial shape for a long time.

Deals that last a lifetime

When a customer deposits money after clicking on an affiliate’s referral URL, their identity is automatically linked to the affiliate. This means that if a customer visits the same website again, the linked affiliate receives credit and earns a commission. This is true even if the customer goes directly to the website.

Because a customer can only be linked to one affiliate, this technique works. In this method, the affiliate effectively gets a lifetime bargain, as any money spent on that website over the customer’s lifetime will earn the affiliate commission.

Rates of Commission

Commission Chart

What is the formula for calculating affiliate revenue? This is dependent on the specific agreement, although a commission system is the most common option. There are various methods in which this commission may be calculated.

The affiliate will receive a percentage of the casino’s net revenue generated by referred players if the referral agreement is based on a revenue-share model. This is the model that affiliates like because it generates long-term revenue.

It also works well from the perspective of the operators, as affiliates have every incentive to attract high-quality players who will provide consistent revenue for the casino. Of course, percentages vary, and most operators will negotiate with affiliates on an individual basis. Typically, the agreement would be in the region of 5% to 50%.

The greater the commission, the longer the working connection and the more trusted the affiliate, and when an affiliate is truly good at what they do, the perks (including no negative carryover) come in.

When an affiliate programme is based on this concept, it indicates that the operator is providing a fixed rate for each player. The package might include a bonus just for signing up, a bonus for making your first deposit, a bonus for meeting wagering criteria, a bonus for making your second deposit, and so on. The percentage, once again, is determined by the specific agreements that are negotiated.

Mixed models — In the realm of referral programmes, negotiation reigns supreme. When it comes to negotiating a casino affiliate programme, most operators will have a team of individuals on their side. In most cases, the team will go to great lengths to persuade the operator to offer the greatest bargain available.

Every sort of revenue outlined above, as well as possibly some more specialised possibilities, can be included in mixed models. In actuality, the most popular model is a mix of revenue sharing and CPA, as this ensures that both the affiliate and the operator are happy with the casino affiliate programme.

Finding the Best Affiliate Programs

Of course, in order to build a strong business partnership, you must first identify the programme that is best suited to your needs. The good news is that there are many of quality affiliate programmes available, and more are being added all the time. They all have their own idiosyncrasies and benefits, so while some affiliate programmes are better than others, deciding which one is ideal for you is a matter of personal preference. All of these affiliate programmes include fantastic gaming features that will keep your customers coming back for more.

With that in mind, we’ll look at great affiliate programmes to show you how to get started.

1.ComissionKings affiliate Network

Greetings, and welcome to CommissionKings! The,,, and brands are all part of our affiliate network. These websites provide sports betting, online poker, online casino, and horse betting as well as other forms of online gambling. More information about our brands can be found here.
As an affiliate, you know how important it is to work with reputable companies and networks. We’ve put together a team of devoted professionals at CommissionKings that are dedicated to helping affiliates grow and generate money. Our commission plan is quite competitive, and you can see it here.
The majority of the brands in our affiliate network welcome gamers from the United States. This is a significant plus because you’ll almost certainly get traffic and players from all over the world.

One thing we recognise is how valuable a “player” is to both us and to you (the affiliate) (the affiliate). Once you’ve referred a player to one of our companies, we’ll do everything we can to keep them satisfied. We aim to attract long-term gamers, which means greater residual income for our affiliates.
Our backend platform includes a variety of marketing tools to aid in the promotion of our businesses. Text links, banner advertising, email templates, and more can all be found here. In addition, we provide a complete reporting section that allows you to monitor your traffic and player value, making it easier for you to run your business.

2.Superior Share Affiliate Program

Superiorshare has been around since 2006 and is one of the most ambitious casino affiliate programmes on the internet. Former affiliates launched the scheme to give casino webmasters the opportunity to make a lot of money by marketing some of the best casinos online. and, two of its partner casinos, operate in every market (multilingual and multicurrency) and have some of the highest conversion and retention rates in the business. Their casino management ensures that those players are kept satisfied and entertained so that you can continue to earn commissions on those referrals.

The casino affiliate programme provides excellent marketing resources for your website and social media accounts, allowing you to turn your visitors into paying customers. They keep a close eye on their system to ensure that affiliates obtain correct and up-to-date information. There is also no negative carryover into the next month.

SuperiorShare believes in working one-on-one with customers and runs their affiliate programme like a business with no ceilings on growth. You will grow if they grow. For additional information, go to

3. Jackpot Partners

Jackpot Affiliates

Jackpot Partners is an affiliate program that you are welcome to join. Once your registration process is completed, you can start making money by promoting our brands on your website(s) and leading traffic to our Websites. Generally, you will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by referred players. However, we offer several commission options tailored to your specific affiliate needs so that you can choose the most flexible way to monetize your website.

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