‘Play Breaks,’ according to a study, help gamblers spend less.

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After the tenth deposit, play breaks cause spending to decrease.

Play breaks are the key. A new study published in the Journal of Gambling Studies may hold the key to reducing gambling harm and assisting excessive gamblers in finding long-term solutions to their problem gambling.

While the study did not specifically target problem gamblers, it did focus on people who gamble the most and, by definition, are the most vulnerable to gambling harm. Mark Griffiths and Michael Auer spearheaded the research. Griffiths played a key role in assisting Allwyn in winning the UK National Lottery bid and succeeding Camelot.

The research looked into implementing a 60-minute mandatory play break in a gamer’s daily session, and it used data from responsible gambling programmes that looked into such breaks. The journal obtained the data from Skillonnet, a gaming operator, which provided it anonymously and for the objectives of the study, to ensure that it was actionable.

Skillonnet only provided data for 2,0021 players in online casinos in the United Kingdom. The survey took place between July 23 and September 15, 2021. However, the poll was conducted in two stages, the first of which examined the players’ purchasing patterns. Between July 23 and August 18, 2021, players were free to deposit without limitations as researchers gathered data.

After the “control phase,” the study moved on to mandatory “play breaks.” From August 20 to September 15, 2021, players would be required to take a one-hour cooling-off period after their tenth deposit.A considerable number of players who had taken the 60-minute break were disinclined to continue betting following the play break, according to the study. In fact, when the play break started after the tenth deposit, 44% of players elected not to place a wager.

The Control and Study Groups have the same demographics.

The demographics of the bettors were also investigated in the research. People who deposited more than 10 times during the control period were at least 38 years old and, with 56 percent of all depositors being female.

During the mandated breaks period, however, women made up 64% of the depositors. Surprisingly, the age groups for both groups were the same. Using these information, the study concluded that play breaks are beneficial:

“This means that a mandatory play break in an online casino setting seems to prevent overspending during a short period of time.”

Journal of Gambling Studies

These findings are useful in shaping gambling policies in the United Kingdom at a time when more data is needed to safeguard the business’s long-term viability and to ensure that customers are not subjected to excessive gaming practises. In the United Kingdom, a discussion over enacting additional stringent regulations has raged, with some trade organisations, such as the Betting and Gaming Council, warning against rushing into measures that may have unforeseen repercussions.

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