The City of Madrid is pushing for tighter gambling regulations.

gambling regulation in the city of Madrid

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the state of gambling regulation in Spain has been in flux. Madrid is now pushing for a new set of gambling restrictions, with the autonomous community’s Governing Council passing new legislation requiring gaming halls, casinos, and sports betting venues to meet specified standards in terms of consumer safety and overall operational mandates.

Madrid Redoubles Its Efforts to Regulate Gambling

Gambling Regulations getting tougher. The guidelines have yet to be published in the Community’s Official Gazette, but they will be aimed at protecting young customers who may be lured to play excessively or who are at risk of developing an addiction. A set of criteria has been proposed to ensure that gaming establishments follow rigorous guidelines.

Madrid will need at least 300 meters of separation between individual betting and gaming outlets for any new license holders in the future. Existing businesses will not be required to relocate or migrate their operations, but they will be required to satisfy the laws’ other requirements.

Schools, universities, training centers, and other educational institutions would have to be at least 100 meters away from gambling establishments. The laws also want gambling establishments to be responsible for determining who accesses their premises and under what pretext. The Gambling Regulations Act establishes new methods to prevent minors from entering gambling venues at all, as well as a self-exclusion program that must be followed.

The Madrid government is also cracking down on tactics that put consumers in danger, such as credit, cash, loan extensions, or other forms of financial aid that could injure them or lead to excessive gaming over a short period of time.

The laws also require gambling establishments to refuse admittance to persons who have signed up for the self-exclusion program, as well as restricting their access to horse race betting kiosks and other types of gaming entertainment.

Building a Consumer-Safe Industry in Madrid

Madrid is one of the Spanish areas where local government initiatives have resulted in the establishment of safe gaming regulations for both consumers and companies. This is necessary in part due to the city’s and its jurisdiction’s extensive casino sector. With four casinos and 32 bingo halls, there are at least 700 licensed gaming establishments.

The regional administration has been working hard to improve supervision and surveillance of gambling enterprises in order to ensure that they follow the law and that customers are always safeguarded. A few years ago, the local government approved a law directing that 0.7 percent of the gambling tax be used to treat problem gambling and provide consumer consultation.

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