The Gambling Division of Gibraltar has issued a warning to Luckywins

The gambling website has been issued a consumer warning by the Gibraltar Gaming Division.

The warning was issued in response to many customer complaints about the website. Consumers were “attracted to the website by huge and likely misleading incentive offers,” according to the accusations.

The site had a footer with a false “GB” licence number and the erroneous Government of Gibraltar emblem. According to the regulator, this is both untrue and misleading.

Users would be encouraged to upload papers to a third-party website that might be used to commit identity theft.

Several investigations found that the site’s contact address is most likely in La Linea, Spain.

The site has a list of various B2B suppliers, however the Gibraltar Gaming Division believes the list is deceptive, claiming that “the site may be using stolen IP/code and illegally replicating game content.”

According to the Gambling Division’s website, investigations are still ongoing.

“From time to time, illegitimate sites try to gain credibility by claiming to be regulated in Gibraltar,” said Gambling Commissioner Andrew Lyman.

“Their goal is to lull consumers into a false feeling of security, and we would advise all consumers to conduct due diligence and avoid supplying any information if their licence status is in doubt.” Our website allows you to verify your licence status.”

The Gaming Act of 2005 requires all gambling enterprises in Gibraltar to be licenced. The Licensing Authority is in charge of all remote gaming, including telephone and online betting.

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