The mask requirement in Nevada casinos is no longer in effect


Governor Steve Sisolak made the decision as the state and its casinos struggle to recover Covid-19.

Following a decision by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, masks are no longer required at Nevada casinos. This is part of a national trend, with most states moving to eliminate obligatory mask prohibitions.

The decision is “immediately effective,” according to the Governor of the Silver State.

“Beginning tomorrow morning, students, teachers, and personnel will not be forced to wear masks,” Sisolak stated.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board quickly responded with a statement that reflected the sentiment, noting that masks will no longer be necessary at casinos “unless a local government still enforces such a requirement.”

While the Nevada casinos on the strip are exempt from wearing masks, the law will still be enforced in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and school buses.

The decision was taken due to a decrease in Covid-19 instances across the region, according to state officials. While the numbers are decreasing, the daily rate of 1,280 cases is significantly more than the CDC considers safe.

Sisolak has informed Nevada casino patrons that, while the situation is improving, the epidemic is still ongoing.

“I want to be clear, the emergency is not ended,” he stated. The pandemic is still going on. We’re still getting a lot of cases, a lot of hospitalizations, and a lot of deaths.

“I’m hopeful and certain that, based on the data we have, we’ll be able to drop this and restore people’s freedom.” Everyone wants to return to their regular routine. It’s been two years, after all. “I believe the time has arrived.”

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