What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work in Online Gambling?

Marketing is a major difficulty for all types of online businesses. Today, we’ll look at how operators in the highly competitive online gambling industry use third-party affiliates’ labour to generate leads.

According to Statista, global online gambling will produce more than $90 billion in 2023, and with more people connecting to the internet every day via low-cost devices like smartphones, that number will only grow. So, how do casinos and sportsbooks promote themselves?

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work in Online Gambling?

What Is the Function of Affiliates?

Affiliates are primarily marketers who are not directly affiliated with casinos or sports betting companies. In exchange for a percentage of the action, these third-party companies create lead-generating apps and websites.

www.0spiel.com , for example, reviews and rates online casinos. When a visitor comes to this site and discovers a casino they enjoy, Zero Spiel gets a cut of the action when the visitor becomes a real money player.

Affiliates can expect to receive 25% of the action on slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and other casino games in most situations. The commission rises in tandem with the quantity of actual money depositors per month. For high-performing affiliates, splits of up to 45 percent are not uncommon.

What kind of risk does the affiliate accept? In the vast majority of cases, not much. As long as the affiliate contract stipulates that there will be no negative carryover, all losses will be wiped clean at the end of each month, and new commissions can begin building again the next month.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work in Online Gambling?

Affiliate Deals: What They Are and What They Aren’t

Deal models for gambling affiliates come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Revenue Share – The revenue share model is by far the most profitable. As previously said, this allows the affiliate to participate in the action. Depending on how many real money players they deliver to the casino each month, they can earn a payout of 20-45 percent. Each month, several prominent casino portals claim to be transferring 1,000+ new players to their top partners.
  • CPA stands for cost per acquisition, and it is a flat price paid for each new depositing player. For example, an affiliate could be compensated $100 for each real-money lead. This helps affiliates to more correctly forecast their income based on the number of real money leads they typically generate per month, but it also means they miss out on high-stakes players’ significant wins.
  • Media – Media deals are negotiated by some affiliates with larger, high-traffic websites with their partners. This entails selling banner adverts on a monthly basis for a fixed charge. Some gambling news sites, for example, would charge for sidebar advertising or in-article banner placements when reporting on industry events, gatherings, and news such as game releases.

Some affiliates may also be able to negotiate mixed deals. Some people choose a hybrid of CPA and revenue sharing, with a lower percentage of overall action in exchange for a one-time flat charge.

What Markets are the Most Profitable?

The United Kingdom is the most valuable market for online casino gaming. It’s well-regulated, with a plethora of licenced and professionally run gambling establishments. The internet gambling industry in the United Kingdom is worth tens of billions of pounds each year.

Several states in the United States, however, have lately allowed casino gambling. New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, and Pennsylvania are among them. As additional states legalise marijuana, the United States as a whole is expected to become the most lucrative market in the next decade.

Other wealthy sports betting markets include Canada, India, South Africa, and Australia. As a result, affiliates tend to concentrate on these markets.

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